designing the rooms


Dorotheen Quartier

There have been some major changes to the scheme since Behnisch Architekten won the competition in spring 2010. The building of the [...]

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How Do You Play?

The game is played by completing “Challenges”. A challenge involves placing pieces of furniture into a room. It differs from many [...]

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Best Plant Delivery Services

Shipping a live plant and ensuring it arrives unscathed is no easy feat, but the best plant delivery services have developed their [...]

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Work from a Pocket

While a growing number of people work from home, they don’t really need – or even want – a full-blown home office. With the [...]

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What Is a Design Engineer?

As we have seen in previous posts, engineering design is everywhere. But what is a design engineer, exactly? Keep reading and [...]

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Archival Designs

Dreams Do Come True!
Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan
Shop for the perfect piece of land
Call Archival Designs and allow our [...]

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