The Princess and the Frog (2009)

While it was one of the last Walt Disney Animation Studio films to be hand drawn in 2D animation, The Princess and the Frog was the [...]

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Dinosaur (2000)

If it turns out Jon Favreau’s The Lion King remake uses live action plates that the animators will then superimpose hyper-realistic [...]

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The Best Movies Of 2021

There are so many great movies coming out in 2021. This list will determine the best movie of 2021. Which one do you think should be [...]

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I Care a Lot

The smooth, clockwork precision of the operation is at once stunning and terrifying.

A doctor selects an elderly patient who looks [...]

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Please Don’t Date Him

Please Don’t Date Him Sometimes there are dramas that fly under the radar, but still have a really promising cast and plot. Come see [...]

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The Dark Night
In a humorous twist, Blair questions the lack of passion in her relationship with Marcus, while at the same time [...]

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Hi Lo – Practice

Hi-lo is a popular card game with the simplest of rules. Will the next card that is dealt be higher or lower? That is the decision [...]

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Togo (now playing on Disney+)

“Togo” (now playing on Disney+) is a smart, affectionately made tale about an underdog and his musher. “Smart” because it shows the [...]

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