Possible Risks And Complications Of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Guide : Pros Cons, Side Effects, Scars and After Care

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery
  • Double vision might temporarily develop due to eyelid swelling or the side effect of local anesthesia. After the effect of local anesthesia diminishes and swelling gets better, double vision subsequently disappears.
  • Lower eyelid swelling and bruise. Bruising is a common side effect of eyelid surgery. While bruising may persist for 1 to 2 months in some cases, it is more likely to improve within 1-2 weeks after surgery. The heaviest bruising usually develops within 24 to 72 hours after surgery. During this time, a cold compress is advised to reduce swelling and bruise.
  • Incomplete eye closure or difficulty closing eye might be a temporary side effect due to eyelid swelling. If the problem persists, post operative assessment should be conducted 3 months after surgery to determine whether revision surgery is required.
  • Dry or irritated eye, gritty eye as a sensation similar to having a particle of sand in the eye, resulting in tearing and watery eye that can largely interfere with vision. This postoperative complication is often caused by the excessive removal of bulging fat in the lower eyelid, leading to eyelid retraction. It usually lasts for few days. However, if it develops, medical attention must be sought immediately.

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