3 day diet checklist. I tried this years ago and lost about 5 lbs. although  others say theyve lost up to 10! | Diet loss, Diet, Healthy eating

Food plan: Like the grapefruit diet, the military diet has a specific list of foods to be consumed (including tuna, saltine crackers, broccoli—and grapefruit), which are supposed to work together to boost weight loss.
Duration: Three days on, four days off, repeating as needed
Safety: At only three days, this diet is potentially harmless, but does suggest eating several processed foods that offer little nutritional value (for example, hot dogs and crackers).
Effectiveness: This diet could work simply by cutting calories, but health experts warn that the weight that’s lost is mostly water and muscle mass. It is a version of intermittent fasting. The diet also suggests eating high-calorie, high-fat foods such as ice cream and hot dogs.

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