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Advices On Managing Of Relationship During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Actually, stress and anxiety are appropriate responses to raise awareness, allowing people to carefully plan and manage the situation. Everyone reacts differently to stressful conditions. Nonetheless, stress and anxiety should be managed properly. To maintain healthy relationship, tips include:

 1. Managing anxiety and coping with reality

In fact, the feeling of being stressed can be typically triggered by an event that makes people feel frustrated or nervous. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry or unease. Without stress and anxiety, a number of people would have ignored all disease control measures and denied complying with preventive policies. As an undesired result, it potentially enhances disease transmission to wider communities, causing disease even more difficult to be kept under control. The first step to cope with stress and anxiety is to accept the truths that we have been facing unprecedented situation. People can then relieve stress by taking all measures recommended by health authorities and maintain their routine involving a balance of time, relaxation and connecting with friends and families preferably through communication technology. To avoid being overwhelmed, paying attention to reliable sources of news on the pandemic, taking breaks from time to time and refraining from overuse of social media are highly suggested.

2. Appropriate communication is a key for COVID-19 Pandemic

Since people tend to respond to the situation differently depending on their background, it is crucially vital to understand different reactions and needs among individuals. To keep a good relationship between spouses or partners, close observation and expression of sympathy play a major role, especially when mental support is highly needed. Communications between couples should be conducted with love and care. Positive interactions between couples include listening, validating the other person, using soft words, expressing appreciation, affirmation, physical affection and compliments. Negative responses that must be avoided are raising one’s voice, commanding, making unfair judgment, stating a complaint as well as expressing one’s anger. Keys to effective communication in marriage include:

3. Adjusting to the ‘new normal’

The effects of the panic has caused massive changes to daily lives rapidly and abruptly. Life adjustments often come with a wide range of emotions and new experiences. In some people, transition to the new normal can feel smooth while others might face high degree of difficulties during making changes. Living an unplanned life in this critical time can potentially lead to destroyed relationship. It is necessary for couples to spend time together talking about their plans, duties and expectation. New activities might be set in order to pursue the new normal. If there are children and elderly people in the family, time should be well spent to look after them. Putting excessive stress on yourself should be avoided. Being perfectionist at all times does not help to resolve the situation, in fact, it causes more tension in the family unnecessarily.

Apart from taking care of your family and performing your duties, private time to treat your body and mind remains essential. Sitting on your favorite sofa after work enables you to feel relaxed, allowing you to charge your life energy while spending time on your own favorite search. Besides having sex, couples could spend time on other recreational activities, sport and exercise. Before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning, talking in the topics related to COVID-19 situation should be limited. Talking about other issues that belong to your partner acts as an indication of your interest in your loved one.

Rearranging furniture and spaces can also help to relieve stress induced by current crisis, especially in the limited areas, such as apartment and condominium. If applicable, working room must be isolated from bedroom. If space does not allow, drawing a separation line helps to define different areas e.g. working space and living zone. Working outside the house such as in the garden could be also an option.

4. Asking for support if it is needed

Serious talk about the situation should be avoided in order to reduce the stress of the family. Personal interactions should be retained while hygienic precautions are strictly followed. Sharing shared feelings does not only help reducing stress, but it also expresses caring to the ones you love and care about. However, if the relationship is seriously damaged, mental support and psychological consultation with psychiatrist or psychologist should be considered in order to alleviate pain and suffering.

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