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Alterations Of Sexual Desire And Satisfaction

Amid the crisis of COVID-19 which is becoming a threat to humanity, this is certainly not a honeymoon period for couples when stress, fear, anxiety and emotional distress have been inevitably induced. No one knows when this nightmare will end. Fear of a second wave has sparked while returning to normal life.

The enormous strain that the pandemic imposes on health system undoubtedly impacts mental health and sexual desire of individuals. Being extremely stressed, warning signs can be present, such as emotional fluctuation or mood swing, fear, anxiety, irritability, frustration and being short-tempered easily. In addition, it might largely disturb sleep patterns and impair concentration. Moreover, social gatherings of any size, in homes or public spaces e.g. restaurants and outdoor exercise, are not allowed under a new regulation on the pandemic, causing chronic stress and lack of social support. Instead of appreciating family time, it has created more family conflicts, assaults or other forms of violence. As a result, living through a pandemic has dampened sexual desire and satisfaction presenting as loss of libido and interest in sexual activity.

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