Cardiac Arrest : Prevention and risk reduction

Cardiac Risks: Difference between Heart Attacks and Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest: Prevention and risk reduction

  • Annual health check-up is suggested in order to early detect any abnormality before symptom arises.
  • If warning symptoms exhibit e.g. fatigue, weakness, chest discomfort, especially with abnormal EKG results, medical assistance provided by expert cardiologist must be further obtained.
  • Contributing factors must be kept under control, including:
  • Blood pressure should be maintained in the range of 130/80 or up to 140/90 mmHg.
  • Blood sugar should be kept not greater than 170 mg/dL. And in the run, blood sugar level should fall between 110-130 mg/dL.
  • LDL, lipid that increases risk of heart disease, should be kept lower than 70 mg/dL.
  • Smoke cessation, if smoke
  • Consuming healthy foods enriched with fibers e.g. fruits and vegetables
  • Regular exercise at least 150 minutes/ week
  • Avoiding sleep deprivation and stress. It is vital to maintain sufficient sleep, at least 6-8 hours/ day.

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