During puberty you’ll find you need more sleep than you did when you were younger. Sure it’s tempting to stay up late chatting with friends on the phone or computer, but the next morning you’ll be miserable
You need to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every single night. To find out how many hours you personally should be sleeping, on a weekend go to bed at the time you do on a school night and don’t set your alarm. When you wake up count how many hours you were asleep and get that many hours every night.

It may be tough if you get back late and have to wake up early on a normal school day, but if you put the extra effort in of an early night you will feel much more refreshed the next morning. This will aid your concentration and you will be in a much happier and friendly mood. Also try to get the same amount of sleep everyday so that your body is adjusted to it.

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