A friendly, down-to-earth blog created from the book and featuring the classics: recipes, accompanied by good pictures and descriptions, often with the story behind the recipe. The author, a young homemaker and mother, candidly expresses what made her blog come to life as her newly discovered passion for food and cooking developed since becoming a mom, and admits that she’s still in training, “teaching herself how to cook one recipe at a time”.

On Nikki’s blog you can find anything from appetizers and rich main dishes to all sorts of desserts – baked and raw. You’ll find her blog to your taste particularly if you’re into Italian cooking (the International style) and Mexican food – Chef in Training has a pretty large amount of enchiladas recipes – but she doesn’t shy from Asian cuisine as well. Her Korean Beef Bulgogi is definitely worth a try, not to mention her Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding that looks like something every sweet-toothed indulger needs on their Heaven table. Healthier stuff, designed to satisfy your every craving, can be found here, too.

Nikki’s work in the kitchen is also a good source of inspiration for those suffering from auto-immune conditions and having to adopt a special diet.

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