What Is the Grapefruit Diet, and Can It Help You Lose Weight? | Openfit

Very Restrictive (grapefruit diet)

The grapefruit diet is very low in calories and far too restrictive to be considered healthy for the long term. It excludes almost all carbohydrates and many nutritious foods (such as whole grains and other fruits).
Following the diet might lead to consuming excessive saturated fat since it suggests eating meat twice a day without any recommendation to favor lean proteins.

False Assumptions
One common belief about grapefruit is that it contains a special enzyme that helps burn fat. This is not true. Eating any fruit before a meal could potentially help with weight loss because it reduces your hunger and could curb the number of calories you consume.

Another argument for grapefruit is that it’s a “negative calorie” food meaning that you burn more calories chewing and digesting it than it contains.When we burn more calories than we consume, we lose weight. Therefore, the argument is that eating a negative-calorie food would help with weight loss.

Grapefruit does contain a relatively small number of calories, but in terms of its “negative calorie” value, it’s not like celery—which you’d need to chomp your way through four 12-inch stalks to consume just 40 calories.

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