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Health Benefits of grapefruit could lower blood sugar
A 2006 study showed that eating grapefruit could lower blood sugar and, for some, lead to weight loss.Participants who ate half a grapefruit before meals for 12 weeks lost significantly more weight than a non-grapefruit-eating control group.
However, a third of the participants showed no change in weight after a six-week dietary intervention (eating half of a fresh grapefruit three times a day). Still, there were some decreases in blood pressure and cholesterol levels in this group.
While proponents of the grapefruit diet claim that it will lead to quick weight loss, research supports that weight loss resulting from similar fad diets is often not sustained and that a grapefruit diet could lead to unhealthy eating habits.
Health Risks of grapefruit
While there are no common health risks associated with the grapefruit diet, eliminating healthy food groups could result in nutritional deficiencies.
Despite the small studies that show some weight loss effects with grapefruit, there is very little high-quality research (large, randomized studies in humans) that supports this claim.

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