All types of unprotected vaginal, oral, and anal sex can spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).You can only get an STD by sharing fluids or skin-to-skin contact with someone already infected. However, most people infected with an STD have no symptoms (they are asymptomatic) but can still transmit the disease and cause major health problems (such as infertility and cancer) down the road. The US Center for Disease Control recommends annual STD testing. Men who do not have sex with men are at lower risk, but should still be tested, especially after risky sexual behavior.

Some STDs can take six months or longer to show up on a test. This is known as an incubation period and it varies with which STD and test used.
If you and your sexual partner only have sex with each other, you only need to be tested once (although it doesn’t hurt to get tested regularly). Get tested again if you suspect your partner has had sex with someone else, or if either of you have used injected drugs with a shared needle.
Everyone should get the HPV-9, hepatitis A, and hepatitis B vaccines before becoming sexually active. If you get vaccinated after being infected with these viruses, vaccines will not be effective in treating the conditions.

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