Prevention Of Office Syndrome While Working From Home

Office Syndrome can be easily prevented by following these recommendations:

  • Ergonomics and friendly working environment: The computer mouse and keyboard should be directly in front of you at a comfortable distance, with your arms properly supported. The computer screen should be an arm’s length away from you and level with or slightly below your line of sight. Appropriate lighting can reduce eye fatigue and headaches. Sitting next to the office window could increase your alertness and exposure to bright light also helps to raise productivity and regulate sleep. Proper posture should be maintained by sitting up straight with your shoulders rolled back, your chin tucked to elongate your spine and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Knee flexion should not exceed 90 degrees. If the feet cannot reach the floor, foot support can be used.

  • Adjusting your sitting position regularly: Sitting position should be changed every 1-2 hours in order to prevent muscle fatigue and subsequent slouching. You can also change the angle of your seat and avoid sitting at the edge of the seat. During the day, it is also suggested to take short breaks to rest the eyes. This is also a good time to stretch or take a walking break.

  • Regular exercise: To reduce repetitive muscle strain, it is important to have a regular exercise. Exercises that can stretch and strengthen core muscle groups as well as improve the posture is preferred.

  • Avoiding all unhealthy behaviors: Excessive use of mobile phones and tablets must be avoided, especially before going to bed. Not only damaged eyesight, the continuous use of these gadgets can also result in additional strain around the neck, shoulders and shoulder blades.

  • Taking sufficient rest: To remain healthy, adequate sleep, 7-9 hours per night on average should be maintained. Consuming the five food groups with proper portion in each meal and drinking enough water are also essential.

  • Be active: All forms of physical activity play a major role in enhancing immune functions, resulting in lowered risks of being infected as well as quicker recovery if becoming infected. At-home workout routine can be started easily  with a wide range of activities, for instance, house cleaning, gardening, dancing practice by using social network and playing games that physical movement is required.

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