Private Lives (2020) | Korseries

We begin episode 6 of Private Lives in the past with the moments after Joo-Eun’s escape from Edward Kim’s mansion. There, Edward hears exactly what happened to his dog out in the woods thanks to the mysterious biker. Edward’s not happy and with tears stinging his eyes, he contemplates whether someone is making a movie.

Joo-Eun meanwhile hits rock bottom. Her lack of rent payments eventually see her kicked out of her apartment and forced back into her previous flat. Han-Son heads over and encourages her not to forget Jeong-Hwan. Instead, he starts singing to her from the other side of the door as she relives memories from the past.

Eventually Joo-Eun faces him and the two start drinking and eating together. This continues back at the spy detective agency too, as Bok-Gi pitches an idea of the pair to work together. She wants to get back at Edward for what he’s put them both through.

Given it’s Bok-Gi’s story, she drives a hard bargain but Joo-Eun eventually agrees to a 60/40 split on her plan.

As we soon find out, the plan with Jeong-Hwan originally went awry as GK never handed over the file to UI. As Hanson reveals these details to her, Jeong-Hwan hides out at PC Graveyard. Detectives Kim and Kang arrive though, looking for Yoon-Seok. Only, Jeong-Hwan happens to be there instead.



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