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Countries across the globe have made efforts in all possible means to suppress transmission of COVID-19 disease and to mitigate its socio-economic impacts. This unprecedented crisis unfolds in the context of several pre-existing challenges, one of these include relationship management. Current survey conducted by American Psychiatric Association (APA) indicates that 12% of the U.S. populations have addressed their relationship issues. During the first few weeks of lockdowns, American couples have enjoyed a close relationship when they are able to spend quality time together. However, the survey elicits that, while being on a lockdown longer than 1 month,  their positive feelings have subsequently turned to express as stress, anxiety and other emotional disturbance in which relationship termination has dramatically ramped up. 

The unprecedented stress of the pandemic could breed unsafety in homes where violence may not have been an issue before. Violence in the home can also lead to adverse health and mental health outcomes including a higher risk of chronic disease, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and risky sexual and substance use behaviors.

Statistical data derived in the United Kingdom and Turkey has concurrently signified that the domestic violence and abuse rates have surged across their countries. Recently, official reports have shown a dramatic increase in numbers of people seeking for assistance in domestic assault and violent crimes through telephone helplines, applications and internet.

In China, the first country on a strict lockdown, statistics reveals that the divorce rates in China have risen significantly. Officials believe the sharp increase of divorce requests could be caused by the fact that partners have spent too much time in close quarters under quarantine and isolation. In March 2020, a huge number of married couples had scheduled their appointments to get a divorce in Xi’an and Dazhou. The numbers have become the highest rates of divorce in the history. A record high divorce rate, up to 25% has been also reported in Shanghai.

Preventive measures and social practice instructed by health authorities largely help to control viral transmission, resulting in lowered chance of being infected. However, people’s daily lives are drastically altered. To alleviate social impacts caused by this crisis, psychological advices to maintain healthy relationship play a vital role especially before terminating relationship which is probably unnecessary.

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