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Selection Of Appropriate Silicone Implants 

To choose silicone implants appropriately and safely, certain factors are involved such as:

  • Height and body width of the patient
  • Current breast characteristics e.g. size, projection, skin thickness, fat layer in the breast and other individual’s conditions.




Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are different locations to place breast implants, these include:

  • The underside of the breasts: In this most common technique, the surgeon makes an incision on the underside of the breast, in the natural skin fold. Then the implant is placed through this opening. Through this cut, implants can be placed accurately with less blood loss and quicker recovery time. This site of surgery is the main location to repair or remove the implants.
  • Under the armpit or around the edge of areola, darkened area around the nipple. Surgery at these site is more complicated and might result in more blood loss, more post-operative complications and longer recovery time.

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