After Stroke Rehabilitation - Current Trends

Early recovery and Stroke rehabilitation can improve functions and sometimes remarkable recoveries for someone who suffered from a stroke. Early rehabilitation should begin in the ICU as soon as possible. This helps the patient to recover quickly and prevent other complications such as pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis, and airway obstruction. The patient and family have to work together with the doctors and stroke coordinators in order to meet stroke recovery goals.

  1. Physical therapy: improve moving and balance, suggest exercises to strengthen muscles for walking, standing and other activities
  2. Ocupational therapy: manage daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, writing, or cooking
  3. Speech therapy: re-learn language skills (talking, reading and writing) and help with swallowing problems
  4. Cognitive function: help the patient with cognitive skills such as learning, remembering, and understanding
  5. Depression and psychosocial: prevent depression and psychological support

The severity of stroke complications and the patient’s ability to recover vary widely. The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help the patient relearn skills that were lost when a stroke affected part of your brain. The doctor will decide which treatment plan is appropriate for each patient.

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