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The Silent Criminal (2020)

As soon as iQiyi, one of the most popular streaming portals, started promoting “The Silent Criminal,” I had a feeling that this show would be slightly bent towards the regular “Romance Wrapped in Bromance” genre. I was suffering from Chinese Bromance withdrawal symptoms after popular dramas “The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty” and “Winter Begonia” finished their run and was on the lookout for new promises. Although as a part of the Psychomilk Team, I get to review Boys’ Love dramas from all over the South East Asian Subcontinent, Chinese Bromance dramas have a certain charm that never fails to excite my senses. For me, this drama was a weird crossover between “The Untamed” and “The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty” series.

Then why do I watch this show? Firstly, the drama has a stellar cast who manages to hew the loosely written script very well and perfectly deliver their lines. Secondly, the odd friendships that might seem shallow on the surface but run deeper than blood-ties. Lastly, for the solid chemistry between our main leads, who will go to any extent to save each other!



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