We provide advice on how to develop specific factors leading to a child’s success and happiness, called the 7Q factors, including

7 of the Best-Known Theories of Child Development

We provide advice on how to develop specific factors leading to a child’s success and happiness, called the 7Q factors, including

  • Intelligence quotient, indicating intelligence and brain development

  • Emotional quotient, indicating emotional intelligence, children’s ability to understanding their own emotions and others, and the ability to create happiness for themselves.

  • Social quotient, indicating social skills and the ability to live happily with

  • Moral quotient, indicating ethical responsibility and one’s personal sense of

  • Adversity quotient, indicating the ability to solve problems and face

  • Creativity quotient, indicating a child’s creativity, imagination, and ability to formulate new

  • Health quotient, indicating a child’s health and quality of

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