Weight Loss And Diet Plans

7-Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Shape

  • The restriction of calorie intake, less than 800 calories per day helps to achieve weight loss up to 10-15% of initial weight within 3 months. Nevertheless, it might lead to malnutrition due to the limitation of food intake. Thus the appropriate recommendations in taking additional vitamin and mineral supplements made by nutritionists and dieticians are further required.

  • After discontinuing the restriction of calorie intake, a rapid weight gain generally develops quickly. For the restriction of calorie intake with lowered chances of weight gain, it is advisable to maintain  calorie intake 500-700 calories per day, or 200-250 calories per meal. This regimen helps to lose weight 0.5 – 1 kg. per week. For instance, regular lunch consists of 2 spoonful of rice, 2 apples, 1 fried fish and one portion of fried vegetables. This whole meal gives approximately 580 calories. Advised changes are an apple with steamed or boiled fish in clear soup. Energy obtained from this meal is only 358 calories.

  • The regular consumption of each meal provides 300-700 calories. For calorie restriction, calorie-controlled supplements advised by nutritionists or dieticians are individually recommended.

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