Problem behavior and aggression in children in LuckyKids | Lucky Kids

 Aggression In Children : There are 4 main causes.

  1. Family

    Family environment is perhaps the most important factor contributing to the likelihood of inappropriate behavior. Parents’ work schedules, parents’ marital problems, and parenting styles may affect the degree, frequency and intensity of inappropriate behavior. Working parents with young children may find that their children are more likely to have behavioral problems resulting from factors such as poor bonding between parents and children, inattention from fatigued parents and the conflict between children wanting attention and the parents’ lack of time.

  2. A child’s temperament

    Emotions, psychological, and development

  3. Environment and socioeconomic

    Poverty, severe deprivation, marital breakup, single parenting, unemployment, and loss of support from extended family

  4. Learning too much and too soon

    Pushing preschool kids to learn too much and too soon can create emotional stress

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