Main level floor plan of plan

While a growing number of people work from home, they don’t really need – or even want – a full-blown home office. With the availability of wireless technology, people can work from any corner of the home, even the porch or the sunroom.

So why waste all that space on a dedicated home office when you don’t really spend much time in it? Consider a pocket office for some of the work you do at home. And although typically smaller than a traditional home office, a pocket office still provides privacy for the work space and usually affords enough room for a desk, computer, printer, and office supplies. In addition, “Some people may not work in their pocket office, taking advantage of wireless technology and preferring the inspiration of their sunroom to develop the next presentation or edit their white paper, yet still want a modest space that houses the printer and office supplies,” says Desgin Basic’s Dodge.

Don’t go big if all you need is a smallish space that allows you to accomplish your work efficiently and in a timely manner.



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